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Welcome to v2 of the SOWL Token’s utility – the SOWL Educational Arcade! We will be releasing 12 games throughout Quarter 1 of 2023, so keep checking back to see if your favorite is unlocked!
Watch videos about educational content, download free educational resources for each of the topics, and play the games for each topic that allow you to earn token rewards through game play!
Be sure to read the directions thoroughly and follow safe cryptocurrency practices which include: never giving your seed phrase or private key to anyone, logging out of a public device that does not belong to you afterwards, and only invest what you can afford to. Have a great time!

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Game 1: Saffron's Moonshot

Subject: Mathematics

How To Play

Follow the directions below to play the game.

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Upcoming Games

Game 2: Sowltris

-This is a game that teaches us Science concepts and reminds us of the game Tetris

Game 3: Jewel Blaster

-This is a game that teaches us Engineering concepts and reminds us of the game Candy Crush

Game 4: Call the Hacker

-This is a game that teaches us Technology concepts and reminds us of the game Call of Duty

Game 5: SuperOwl Kart

-This is a game that teaches us Languages concepts and reminds us of the game Mario Kart

Game 6: CryptoRacer

-This is a game that teaches us Geography concepts and reminds us of the game X-Racer

Game 7: Saffron Says

-This is a game that teaches us Patterns concepts and reminds us of the game Simon Says

Game 8: Mrs. Sowlman

-This is a game that teaches us Chemistry concepts and reminds us of the game Mrs. Pacman

Game 9: Coinsweeper

-This is a game that teaches us Probability concepts and reminds us of the game Minesweeper

Game 10: Earth Saver

-This is a game that teaches us Astrology concepts and reminds us of the game Asteroids

Game 11: Sowldier Battles

-This is a game that teaches us Web3 and Cryptocurrency concepts and reminds us of the game Street Fighter

Game 12: Turbo Ball Blast

-This is a game that teaches us a Combination of Various Subjects all together and reminds us of the game Balloon Pop

How It Works

We have 8 BILLION SOWL Tokens set aside for Game Play Rewards!
Now, some of you may be asking – what happens if those run out? GREAT QUESTION!


The answer is called… The SOWL Rewards Replenishment Objective


Allow us to explain…



We make ACTUAL income from our games. We generate revenue in 2 ways:



1. Game Play (people may lose the game, thus not earning back their tokens)


2. Ad Revenue (displayed throughout the website and thus earning revenue)



With these 2 sources of income, we take 50% and use it for Token Buy Backs. This not only helps increase the value of SOWL, but we strategically take ALL of the tokens we received in the Buy Backs and put them directly into the Token Rewards wallet! So it is a constant replenishment of the tokens needed for our rewards! So as long as we have people playing the game and looking at ads – we will NEVER run out of tokens! This is something that very few, if any, other P2E games can boast!

Our Executive Committee has created the PERFECT Crypto Ecosystem, using REAL revenue to keep the network going!

Our Philosophy

The SOWL Educational Arcade was built to help us achieve our mission of bringing interactive decentralized education to the entire world. If you have access to the internet, you have access to a fun, high-quality learning environment. We use the central premise of “Gamification” which allows us to build the learning process directly into the actual game play itself. This allows people to learn in an interactive way while also achieving educational milestones via passing test questions and learning through videos and fun facts that are also integrated into game play. Gamification is one of the leading technological innovations that we believe will make the largest impact in education – and we are at the forefront of it. All of our games each have a category of learning so that our users, called “SOWL”diers (soldiers), can choose what they want to learn and have fun with at the same time. Learning at your own pace is something that the Online University model popularized, and we have adopted it into our philosophy as well. Overall, you learn in a fun, fast-paced, integrated, decentralized and on-your-own-time way! We have created the future of eLearning!

Our Mission

SOWL Educational Arcade will become the world leader in Decentralized Education by developing fun and interactive games with a gamification-centric focus, by always keeping our users (our SOWLdiers) at the forefront of our minds in everything we build, and by making our standard of excellence a benchmark throughout the Education and Crypto industries.

Check Out Our Award-Winning eLearning Game – EarlyBird! We won the Mom’s Choice Gold Medal in Best in Family Technology in 2021! This game is focused on a younger demographic, and we are planning to expand to allow users to redeem game play tokens via an API in the future. The game is loaded with cool graphics, interactive 3D games, and each level represents another area of learning – just like how we have built our v2 games. Check it out today and leave us a positive review!


All SOWL Educational Arcade games are P2E, which means “Play 2 Earn.” This means that you get paid to learn! That’s why our tagline is Learn 2 Earn! Depending on the game, you will get ACTUAL SOWL Tokens for answering test questions correctly and for achieving certain high-score milestones. You truly get paid to learn and to keep learning as the high-score milestones encourage you to keep playing, so even after you’ve mastered the game, you will still have the ability to earn more SOWL Tokens when reaching certain high-score benchmarks. The test questions are all based on the category of education the game falls in and we have fun facts and educational videos to help you along the way.


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